EU Projects

EU Projects

Different perspectives

Inclusion for innovation

 With over 40 years’ experience, the aCapo Cooperative provides innovative services to government organisations, businesses and the public, thanks to a combination of highly specialised skills, digital solutions and automation.

Our fields of work

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Contact Centre
  • Facility Management

Our strength lies in our team of over 1,100 employees, among whom 75% are women and over 30% are disadvantaged persons. This makes aCapo one of Italy’s main social enterprises in terms of both workforce and turnover.

Every day we create opportunities for inclusion and work aimed at the disadvantaged, through innovation and attention to social needs, with proposals and skills committed to:

  1. the fight against poverty: within educational , economic and community affairs
  2. e-Health and improving care pathways, with new inclusive, more efficient and human-centred projects
  3. culture and education, enhancing cultural heritage, including through new paths and tools for audience development and engagement

With a Human-Centred perspective, our Research and Innovation covers Social Impact, inclusion and integration at work and in society, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Venture Capital.

A partner for your projects

 Our history as a cooperative, our experience and the skills we have gained in over 40 years of entrepreneurship, help make us a place of continuous innovation with a strong focus on addressing needs and developing solutions.

Being well aware that excellence is nourished by constantly sharing ideas, we are always open to new projects.

We are interested in operating in different areas:

  • Proposals for European funds, foundations and international agencies where we can put thinking, models and procedures into practice and embrace the challenges. We are active in the Europe 2020 strategy, with particular attention to the initiatives Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, EaSI, Life, and Youth in Action. Creative Europe. We are taking a careful look at the priorities for planning 2021-2027 and the fields of action for Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Membership of national and international networks, to strengthen exchange and collaboration in terms of both information and design;
  • Public-private partnerships where the public administration’s role and value can increase thanks to our direct experience of needs and our capacity to develop solutions for social inclusion
  • Open Innovation projects where we ourselves, our services and our centres can undergo transformation and prototyping, including as living labs, in partnership with research centres, universities and start-ups.

For us, research and innovation take these premises as starting points to create new social development opportunities with public and private stakeholders, always starting with the involvement and participation of every single member of the cooperative.

Active projects